• VIRTUAL OFFICES; In central locations, prestigious buildings, luxuriously decorated and fully equipped offices


Classoffice offers you a prestigious business address in one of the most central locations of the city, a local telephone number answered with the name of your company, a personal receptionist, and the opportunity to have all these for much lower costs! Moreover, you do not have to seek for days or pay real estate consultant's fee to have all these.

If you want to establish a company, work from a home-office, travel often, are tired of issues such as office establishment, furniture, personnel, look for a low-cost prestigious business address, need a provisional office for a project period, have an office abroad and want another in Istanbul, want to be full equipped for a foreign company’s representation, need somebody to manage your telephone, mail, fax, e-mail traffic, want to have an office although you don’t go too often, do not want to deal with personnel and office management,do not want surprise costs and unexpected expenditures, want to be a member of an elite group…

And if you are seeking for privileged solutions that facilitate your life and are in accordance with modern business understanding…

You are invited to Classoffices; you will get what you want.

Our Allocations and Services in Virtual Offices A prestigious business address, a plaza with opportunities you can benefit from, special telephone and fax line, office machinery, supplies and stationeries, super-speed internet access, meeting room you can use with reservation in advance, reception that answers calls with the name of your company, welcoming service for customers, mail, cargo and courier management service, self-service beverages, forwarding incoming calls to your GSM line, forwarding incoming faxes to your mail address. We invite you to be one of Classoffice Professionals.

They are offices acquired with a contract for the purpose of

Establishing a company,

Obtaining a prestigious address and business card,

Taking advantage of live reception service,

Receiving mail management, call forwarding services,

Taking advantage of meeting room use rights,

Without using physically,

Without paying contribution, electricity, water, garden landscaping and other common building costs,

Without paying personnel fees,

Without the need for office and personnel management.

Classoffices are equipped with state-of-the-art technology to carry out your business uninterruptedly.

They offer all technological opportunities you need for your business communications, such as voice message box with 24/7 forwarding option, online reservation system,a personal receptionist and a well-equipped meeting room

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